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Kids-n-Fun has been the place for years for finding free coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, word search games. In short, you don't have to be bored anymore. So print, color, cook, puzzle with us.

In these blogs you can read which nice movies are released, news from the website or other nice things to show or read about.


Back in business: Online coloring News

Maybe the loyal visitor will remember, but in the past you could color your coloring pages online. This was no longer possible when this version of the website went live, because we wanted the website to work on all devices. But online coloring is back!

The number of coloring pages that you can color online will grow rapidly in the coming period (we have to do a trick before they can be used). You can recognize them by the brush:

by Paul , vrijdag 29 mei 2020 
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New on Kids-n-Fun: Games News

For years we have had coloring pages, wallpapers and puzzles on the website, but you can now also play games online on Kids-n-fun. We keep the number of games increasing, so come back for the latest games.

by Paul , vrijdag 28 juni 2019 
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New website News

We have rebuilt the website from scratch. Since we first went live in 2006, this is the third version of the website.

by Paul , maandag 22 april 2019 
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Wonder Park Movies

Wonder Park is a new film about the girl June. June has devised a beautiful amusement park ...

by Paul , zaterdag 16 maart 2019 
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