Back in business: Online coloring

by: Paul

vrijdag 29 mei 2020 09:12:11

Maybe the loyal visitor will remember, but in the past you could color your coloring pages online. This was no longer possible when this version of the website went live, because we wanted the website to work on all devices. But online coloring is back!

The number of coloring pages that you can color online will grow rapidly in the coming period (we have to do a trick before they can be used). You can recognize them by the brush:

Finally online coloring back on Kids-n-Fun again

When this current website was built, the goal was that everyone could use it on any device. The old online coloring app on previous website used Flash. Computer connoisseurs know that, it was used a lot in the past, but since Apple no longer supported it on the iPad, things deteriorated quicly.

We searched for a while for a lightweight solution that did at least as well as the old one. The new way is just that, the downside is that the coloring pages have to be saved in a different format and that takes some work. We are working hard on this and will make more and more coloring pages available in the near future.

We start with the most popular coloring pages first, of course all new coloring pages too. Check out the online coloring page for a random selection of approximately 140 online coloring pages.

Can you color all coloring pages online?

  • No, not all coloring pages are suitable for this solution. Highly detailed coloring pages simply don't work.

How do I recognize an online coloring page?

  • You can see if you can color a coloring page online through the brush:
  • You can see that brush on the overview pages, but also on the page of the coloring page itself. Click on it and color it online!

If you really want to color a coloring page online, please let us know via our contact page , we will make it for you very quickly!

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