Binary puzzles

Binary puzzles to crack your brain. Fill all the boxes with ones and zeros, so that all rows and columns are unique and there are never more than 2 ones and zeros next to or below each other.

You can choose which difficulty level you want. The more stars, the harder, but also the bigger the puzzle, the harder it gets.

Binary puzzle explanation

Binary puzzles have a few simple rules, but that does not mean that the puzzles are simple.
1. You can only enter 0 and 1
2. No more than two identical digits may be placed directly next to or below each other
3. Each row is unique
4. Each column is unique
5. Each row or column has the same number of zeros and ones for

If you click once, the 0 will appear. If you click twice, the 1 will appear and if you click for the third time, the field will be empty again.