Wordsearch, mazes and much more


BFG Puzzles

Fun puzzles from the Disney movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. based on the book by Roald Dahl

Connect the dots

Nice drawings that you have to makeyourself. Connect the dots together in the right order of course. There are drawings with numbers but with letters. Nice to exercise. When you're done, you can even color itr. Are you fond of colors and coloring pages? Have a look here for more coloring pages!

Find the differences

Find the differences in your favorite coloringpages. They look the same but is that true? There are tough and easy search of the differences. Print and puzzle.

Finding Dory puzzles

Connect the dots and a fun maze for the little ones from the Disney movie Finding Dory


Fun if you like to puzzle. Print a maze and look how to get from the entrance to the exit. Lots of choice, from ordinary straight to very difficult mazes in the shape of a dinosaur, everything is there. Have fun!

Maze Frozen

A few fun puzzles of your favorite heroes from the Disney movie Frozen. Print and puzzle


Nice long puzzling with this word finders of your favorite topics.