BFG Puzzles

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Fun puzzles from the Disney movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. based on the book by Roald Dahl

 Disney Movies Puzzles 

Maze very difficult

Maze Easy

Maze Easy

Maze very difficult

Maze very difficult

Maze C

Maze Easy

Maze E

Riding stables

Maze Moderate

Maze difficult

maze Rabbit

Maze Easy

Maze Easy

Maze Easy

Maze Moderate

Fairy tale

Ugly Duckling is

Maze Knight

Maze Summer Sun

Maze Summer Icecream

Maze Dinosar

Maze Frog

Maze spring flower

Maze Unicorn

Maze A

Maze Autumn

Weapon of Netherlands

Maze S

Maze T

Maze O

Maze H

Elza maze

Sven maze

BFG 5 differences

BFG Maze

Frozen maze

Snow White


Little Red Riding Hood

teddy Bear


Thick skin

Maze Moderate


Living at the South Pole

No legs

Maze party balloon

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