10 coloring pages of Trollhunters

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Coloring pages of the Netflix series Trollhunters, drawn by Dreamworks

Trollhunters is based on a book by Guillermo del Toro and takes place in the fictional city of Arcadia. Under the surface of Arcadia, the world appears to be as big as up there. The ordinary teenager Jim Lake Jr. finds an amulet and this ensures that he is seen the Troll hunter that protects the good trolls from powerful bad guys. He is the first person to receive the role and together with his human friends and some trolls he accepts the important task.

Looks a bit like the coloring pages How do you tempt a dragon, do not you think?

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Blinkous Galadrigal or Blinky


Jim Claire and Toby

Scary Bular


Trollhunters 01

Trollhunters 02

Trollhunters 03

Trollhunters 04

Trollhunters 05

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