11 coloring pages of Spirit Untamed

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Coloring pages of Spirit Untamed, a Dreamworks movie (you know Dreamworks from Trolls, Shrek).

Spirit Untamed is about Lucky Prescott, a quirky girl who searches for a place where she feels at home and befriends a wild horse. She lives with her aunt, but moves to her father, in a boring town. Lucky is absolutely unimpressed by the dull town. She changes her mind when she meets Spirit, a wild Mustang, and befriends two riding girls, Abigail Stone and Pru Granger.

A heartless horseman wants to capture Spirit and his herd and sell it as workhorses. Bravely, Lucky embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to save the horse.

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Lucky and Spirit

Family Prescott

Little Lucky


On the way

Spirit and Lucky

Spirit at a gallop

Spirit Lucky at the stables

spirit motif

spirit painting

Spirit Untamed

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