53 coloring pages of Shopkins

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Coloring pages of Shopkins.

Shopkins are little dolls that you can collect. They all come from the supermarket and have funny names. In addition to the figures, there are also books, toys, websites and YouTube videos about the shopkins.

And now on kids-n-fun, of course, coloring pages! Have fun shopping.

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apple blossom

berry sweet lolly tootsie cutie


chee zee

cheeky chocolate

cupcake queen

d'lish donut


dum mee mee


kooky cookie

lippy lips

milk bud jungle purse


peppa mint

peta plant

shopkins 1

shopkins 10

shopkins 11

shopkins 12

shopkins 13

shopkins 14

shopkins 15

shopkins 16

shopkins 17

shopkins 18

shopkins 19

shopkins 2

shopkins 20

shopkins 21

shopkins 22

shopkins 23

shopkins 24

shopkins 25

shopkins 26

shopkins 27

shopkins 28

shopkins 29

shopkins 3

shopkins 30

shopkins 31

shopkins 32

shopkins 33

shopkins 34

shopkins 4

shopkins 5

shopkins 6

shopkins 7

shopkins 8

shopkins 9

sneaky wedge

strawberry kiss

wise fry cheddar

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