7 coloring pages of Santiago of the Seas

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Coloring pages of Santiago of the Seas, or Santiago of the Seas in Dutch, a Nick Jr series.

Santiago is the pirate and captain. The crew of Santiago consists of: Tomás, his clumsy energetic cousin with a magical guitar to use the wind well and Lorelai, a mermaid who can talk to sea creatures and transform into a young human girl.
Together, Santiago and his best friends sail the seas on the majestic ship El Bravo, using their smarts and pirate skills to protect their home Isla Encanto from villains like nefarious pirate Bonnie Bones and her Palm Crow sidekick Sir Butterscotch.

You can also color these coloring pages online. Click on the brush .

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Bonnie Bones and Sir Butterscotch

Captain Santiago


Mermaid Lorelai

Pirate Tomas

Santiago and his crew

Santiago of the Seas

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