20 coloring pages of Princess Celestia My Little Pony

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Coloring pages of Princess Celestia from My Little Pony.

Princess Celestia is an alicorn and the former ruler of Equestria, she has the responsibility to raise the sun.An alicorn is a unicorn or unicorn with wings.

You can also color these coloring pages online. Click on the brush .

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Cadence 2


Celestia 2

Celestia 3

Celestia 4

Celestia 5

Celestia 6

Celestia 7

Celestia My Little Pony


MLP Celestia

My Little Pony

My Little Pony Cadence

My Little Pony Celestia

My Little Pony Princess Cadence

Princess Cadence


Prinses Celestia

Shining Armor

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