8 coloring pages of Lion KIng 2019

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Coloring pages of the remake of the Disney classic Lion KIng (2019). This beautiful, almost real animation film.

Simba is a young lion and son of lion king Mufasa. He looks up to his father and later wants to become king himself, although he does not know whether he will become such a wise and powerful king as his father. Mufasa's jealous brother Scar doesn't like that at all and together with a group of hyenas he forges a plan to get rid of both Mufasa and Simba so that he can seize power himself.

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lion king

Mufasa Simba

Rimon Pumbaa Simba 2

Simba lion king

Simba Nala

Simba Nala 2

Timon Pumbaa Simba

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