19 coloring pages of Lion guard

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Coloring pages of the TV series The Lion Guard.

The lion guard is about Kion. Kion is the son of Simba and the younger brother of Kiara, and his friends Bunga, Fuli (a cheetah), Besthe (a hippo) and Ono (an egret). Under Kion's leadership they become a protection unit that Simba assists in defending the proud country to protect the cycle of life. Usually, that cycle is threatened by the hyenas.

Simba, of course, is from the movie The Lion King or Lion King. Do we have those coloring pages too!

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beshte 2

beshte 3


bunga 2

bunga 3

bunga fuli


fuli 2

fuli kion


kion 2

kion 3

kion beshte fuli bunga

kion bunga

kion bunga 2

leeuwenwacht 2

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