28 coloring pages of Enchantimals

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Coloring pages to print from the Enchantimals.

The Enchantimals are Mattel's toy figures. Enchantimals are friendly creatures that resemble humans and animals at the same time. They can do something that the animal they resemble can also do very well. Their best friend is the animal they look like.

Bree Bunny can hear just as well and can jump just as far as her friend Twist. Danessa Deer is friends with Sprint for example, they can both run very fast.

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Bree Bunny and Twist


Danessa and deer

Danessa and Sprint

Danessa Deer and Sprint

Enchantimals 01

Enchantimals 02

Enchantimals 03

Enchantimals 04

Enchantimals 05

Enchantimals 06

Enchantimals 07

Enchantimals 08

Enchantimals 09

Enchantimals 10

Enchantimals 11

Enchantimals 12

Enchantimals 13

Enchantimals 14

Enchantimals 15

Felicity and Flick

Felicity Fox and Flick

Flap and Peacock


Patter Peacock and Flap


Sage Skunk Caper


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