12 coloring pages of Encanto

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Coloring pages of the Disney animated film Encanto.

The film is about the Madrigal family who live in a magical house in a wonderful, enchanted place called Encanto. The village is hidden deep in the mountains of Colombia. The magic of the Encanto is that every child in the family is blessed with a unique gift, every child except one, Mirabel. When she discovers that the magic that surrounds the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel realizes that she, Madrigal's only ordinary child, may be her last hope.

You can also color these coloring pages online. Click on the brush .

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Disney Encanto


Encanto Antonio

Encanto Camilo

Encanto Dolores

Encanto Isabella

Encanto Luisa

magic door

Mirabel Encanto

Mirabel Isabela and Luisa

Mirabel Madrigal

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