10 coloring pages of Dragon Rescue Riders

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Coloring pages of Dragon Rescue Riders, from Dreamworks available on Netflix.

Dragon Rescue Riders is about twins Dak and Leyla who, when they were little, were rescued by a mother dragon and raised by her. During their upbringing, they learned to speak Draak (all other people understand Draak as grunts). They dedicate their lives to helping and saving other dragons and the inhabitants of the Norwegian village of Huttsgalor. When the twins and dragons move into the village, they are given the name "Rescue Riders" by Dugard, the boss of Huttsgloren.

You can also color these coloring pages online. Click on the brush .

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Roof and Winger




Dak and Leyla


Leyla and Summer

Leyla Dragons Rescue Riders


Roof Dragons Rescue Riders

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