23 coloring pages of Cuphead

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Coloring pages of the game Cuphead.

In Cuphead, the player controls Cuphead, a little white man with a coffee cup as his head. It is also possible to play with two players, the second player then controls Mugman; a similar character whose head is a coffee mug. The player has endless lives and keeps items and weapons after dying. As the player progresses through the game, collected gold coins can be used to purchase additional items and weapons. In any field, the player must face a much stronger opponent who must be fired for minutes before being defeated.


Cuphead 2

Boss Cuphead

cuphead 1

cuphead 3

cuphead 4

cuphead 5

cuphead 6

cuphead 7

cuphead 8

Cuphead Bosses

Cuphead Daredevil

Cuphead Mugman

Cups Mugman Djimmi

Devil Head


Frog Croaks

King Dice


Mugman Cuphead

Potato Boss

Queen Bee

Ribby Croaks

Sally Stageplay

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