24 coloring pages of Casper the friendly ghost

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Coloring pages of Casper the friendly ghost.
Casper is a cute ghost that does not want to scare people. Most of the times he does, because people are afraid of ghosts, right?

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Casper 2

Casper 3

Casper 4

casper 5

Casper and Wendy fly

Casper at the court

Casper dressed up

Casper flies with doves

Casper is the villain

Casper saves a cat

Casper valt in de plas

Casper Wendy

Casper Wendy 2

Casper with Cat


Fatso Fusso

Fatso Fusso Lazo

Fatso Fusso Lazo and the crook

Is this a crook

Judge is angry

Magic mirror

The trio escape the house


Wendy comforting Casper

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