11 coloring pages of Apex Legends

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Coloring pages of the computer game Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a battle royal game with Legends. These are characters with predetermined roles, such as offensive, defensive, support and exploration.

Players are grouped in teams of three, with each member choosing a different Legend. At the start of each round there are 20 squads competing against each other. Each team starts without equipment, weapons and ammunition, but can find it in the level. While players compete against each other, the playing field becomes smaller and smaller. When a player is disabled, a team member can take his flag to a "Spawn Beacon" to bring this player back to life.

These are the Legends:

  • Gibraltar: a powerful but cordial guy who descends from New Zealand warriors.
  • Caustic: places toxic traps and acts like a heartless and bloodthirsty anti-hero.
  • Bloodhound: mysterious hunter who can quickly track down opponents.
  • Bangalore: is a soldier with many weapons. Can run fast and evoke air artillery.
  • Wraith: an inter-dimensional fighter who can manipulate space and time. Have powers to connect two places.
  • Lifeline: a young fighter who can heal and support her teammates.
  • Pathfinder: a lovely robot looking for its creator. He communicates with emojis on his screen, and has a grappling hook to get to difficult places.
  • Mirage: a joker who likes to use holograms in his fights to deceive the opponent.


Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Lifeline

Apex Pathfinder








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