9 incredibles 2
Coloring pages

Coloring pages of the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles 2, the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles.

Superheroes save the world, but strangely enough they are not appreciated in society. The only thing superheroes are concerned about is drama and mess in the city. At least, that is what the media shows. That is why they are forbidden. Superheroes are dangerous, illegal and no one should know that the Parrs have super powers: the family is forced to suppress its powers.

But Bob is a born superhero and must and will fight evil: he is a big opponent of the new law that bans superheroes. In addition, Violet and Dash are jumping to save the world from villains with their parents, which is much more interesting than school. Helen thinks this is not a good idea: superheroes are illegal and they have to set a good example as parents. But then there appears to be someone who does see potential in the super and would like to enter into a partnership with Bob, Helen and Lucius (Frozone). He wants to show that superheroes are right. With the aim: to make the supers legally legal again. The whole family, and Frozone, is very much in favor. Helen can not stay behind, of course, and decides to participate too. In order to make the law right, they must first break it.

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